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A lot changes in 160 years. Clothing styles come and go, tastes in music change - even the way we relate to one another changes. It is no surprise, then, to see changes in the way we express our love, our sense of loss, and our deep longing for reunion with our loved ones. The care people take in the mementos they choose to leave at graveside is obvious and touching. Yet not all of us agree on what is tasteful, reverent or safe.

All these personal expressions of sorrow and hope make up the popular piety of our generation. Our right to express it, however, ends where our neighbor’s begins. In order to keep the peace among competing tastes and trends, and to renew the Cemetery’s Catholic identity, we have updated our Bylaws, Rules and Regulations. They are not meant to dictate taste or to restrict expression, but to set practical boundaries that permit everyone to savor memory and to pray peacefully.

 There is still room for a variety of expression, but the new rules reinforce the Cemetery’s right and authority to respond promptly to abuses when they arise.

2008 Policies, Rules & Regulations



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